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Goodbye Newsroom – Michelle Prak

Just got through reading Goodbye Newsroom- a debut novel by Michelle Prak.

📖 Leap into the frantic and funny world of sisters Anna and Holly, out-of-work journalists who launch their own news site. Old-school reporter Anna and social-savvy writer Holly. Holly enlists Anna to help her take on her old boss, but the sisters clash when Holly insists on sharing Anna’s romantic calamities for clicks. Will they stick together and make their enterprise work – buoyed by their loyal sidekicks and the excitement of new love – or will they be a big fail? 📖


Anna and Holly are two sisters who are starting a new career venture together. While the premise of this story is a good one, it didn’t grab my attention like some books do so it did drag a little for me. The story doesn’t have a lot of depth, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing for this type of book, and it makes for a nice quick read. That being said, the characters were fun and likable, and there was quite a few giggle moments that reminded me of the relationship between me and my own sister.

I also had a hard time with the sisters inner dialogue. Unlike a lot of books where they are in italics, these were in “quote marks” which made the inner dialogue and the actual dialogue confusing to keep straight, since they looked the same. The other issue I had was that there didn’t seem to be an arc to the story-there was one time when I thought it might be leading up to something, but then it wasn’t even resolved in the end of the story.

Overall, I enjoyed the storyline, it was a nice quick read that took me to a new place for a few hours.

Content: some language and mild sex

*I voluntarily received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

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