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Crazy Rich Asians – Kevin Kwan

“Just because some people actually work for their money doesn’t mean that they are beneath you.”

Crazy rich asians by kevin kwan

🤚🏼Unpopular Opinion Time🤚🏼
I will preface this review by saying I DNF this book.

📖”When Rachel Chu agrees to spend the summer in Singapore with her boyfriend Nicholas Young, she envisions a humble family home, long drives to explore the island, and quality time with the man she may one day marry. What she doesn’t know is that Nick’s family home looks more like a palace, that she’ll ride in more private planes than cars, and that with one of Asia’s most eligible bachelors on her arm, Rachel might as well have a target on her back.”📖

DNF at 30%
This is my first DNF of 2019.

Absolutely awful read for me. Anyone else?

First off, there were a million characters who after even reading 30% of the book I don’t know anything about them other than their favorite designers, how many houses or other “things” they own and how horribly shallow, and vapid they are.

None of them have any kind of meaningful or deep dialogue. All they talk of is designer this, country club that, how much money this costs, going to women’s bible study here, man proud to have had 3 mistresses while married to his wife of 13 years.

I mean, really? I don’t want to waste my time reading a book about spoiled wealthy adults who are materialistic and have zero morals—so much so that they care about absolutely nothing except making more money.

Second, even as far into the book as I managed to get, there wasn’t even much of a storyline at all! All I know is that Rachel and Nick are going to Singapore for a wedding and his family didn’t know Rachel existed.

This is also supposed to be a satire, yet I literally found none of it even close to being funny. A truly unenjoyable, waste of time read for me.

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