Christian, Historical Fiction, Romance

More Than Words Can Say- Karen Witemeyer

“I’ve chosen fear over faith more times than I can count. And every time I did, I ended up with regrets. When I chose faith, I didn’t always get the outcome I wanted but I never regretted my choice, because I felt God beside me, holding my hand and lending me strength.”

more than words can say by karen witemeyer

Publication Date: June 4, 2019
Publisher: Bethany House Publishers
Genre: Christian Historical Romance

Pages: 384
Dates Read: May 28-31, 2019
Format: eBook

๐Ÿ“– After being railroaded by the city council, Abby needs a mans name on her bakery’s deed, and a man she can control, not the stoic lumberman Zacharias who always seems to exude silent confidence. She cant even control her pulse when she’s around him. But as trust grows between them, she finds she wants more than his rescue. She wants his heart. ๐Ÿ“–


I really enjoyed this story! This story was bright, engaging, and full of hope. Just the right book to lift my spirits and brighten my day.

This is a Historical Christian Romance set in 1896 about a woman named Abigail Kemp. Abby and her younger sister Rosalind run the family business, A Taste of Heaven Bakery, and have been doing so since their fathers’ death. Unfortunately, in their small town of Honey Grove, Texas, It is still against the law for women to own their own businesses. This has caused Abby to be backed into a corner and must make a life-changing decision. She must sell the business, find a male business partner, or come up with a different solution in just a few weeks time.ย 

Abby has worked hard at the bakery, and she loves it dearly. Having forced her hand in making such a huge decision, Abby decides that it is only practical to find herself a husband, one that can add his name to the title of the bakery, but leave his hand out of bakery business. Her husband of choice? Zacharias Hamiltonโ€”the quiet, handsome bachelor that is a breakfast regular in the bakery.

Zach Hamilton loves being a bachelor. After spending most of his life taking care of his adoptive siblings, he is finally free. Free from the responsibilities and weight of taking care of another person. When Abigail Kemp, the beautiful bakery owner propositions him in a marriage business transaction, he doesnโ€™t want to give up his newly found freedom to again provide for another person. But when the other Miss Kemp comes, begging him to agree to Abbyโ€™s proposal so that she and Abby can have a protector against her own foolish mistakes, Zach quickly changes his mind.

As Abby and Zach grow closer, trust starts to grow, and soon Abby finds that she wants more out of their relationship than a business arrangementโ€”she wants his heart.


First off, Abagail is such a strong female MC. She is smart, independent and fiercely loyal to her family. She knows she doesnโ€™t need a man, but she does eventually realize that she WANTS a man (specifically Zach) in her life.

Zacharias is a strong, broody character. That being said, he is also a hard candy shell with a gooey center. He has such a big heart, is protective, loyal, and giving.

It is different in Christian romance to have such sizzling steamy chemistry, but Karen Witemeyer accomplished this flawlessly! Zach and Abby are a phenomenal couple pairing, and while all the super steamy details were left โ€œbehind closed doorsโ€, the chemistry was no less amazing and had this girl swooning and getting butterflies.

I also really loved the overall Christian theme and message to be gained from the book, which was that you have to forgive yourself of your past mistakes and God will help guide you and bless you in your life. A very inspiring and heartwarming message.

As for why I knocked it down one star? There were a few times throughout the book, where there would be a piece of dialogue that sounded much too modern to be considered historically accurate. I honestly donโ€™t think they said things like โ€œfor sureโ€ back then (and thatโ€™s just one example) but maybe Iโ€™m wrong? I just felt that it slightly took away from the overall awe I felt for this story.ย 

Overall, I truly enjoyed this book, and look forward to more novels from this author. Iโ€™m also hoping to get a story about Abigailโ€™s sister Rosalind. I am eager for more of a story about her.

Thank you to NetGalley, Karen Witemeyer, and Bethany House Publishers for the free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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