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Night – Alexandria Warwick

Publication Date: October 8, 2020
Publisher: Wolf Publishing
Genre: Fantasy/Mythology
Pages: 392
Dates Read: October 19-22, 2020
Format: paperback ARC provided by Author

GoodReads Synopsis

After months in captivity, Apaay managed to escape Yuki’s labyrinth with her life. But her freedom did not come without a steep cost. When the Face Stealer, the North’s most notorious demon, calls in her blood oath, Apaay must heed his demand. Debts, after all, must be repaid.

As Apaay attempts to navigate her uprooted life, something dark slithers among the snow-dusted conifers of the North. A long-dead war is unfinished, and there are those who would see it revived. In a place where misplaced loyalty could mean her death, Apaay must look inward to repair her broken soul—for if she cannot place trust in those around her, she might find enemies are closer than they appear. 

In this stunning follow-up to Below, Alexandria Warwick brings the second book in her dark and seductive North series to thrilling new heights.

My Review


I absolutely was blown away by Night by Alexandria Warwick.

This is the second book in her North series (see review of book one here), which is a dark fantasy series based on Inuit Mythology. I ADORED everything about this second book. It was even better than the first, and the storyline is developing in such a great way.

The characters growth is phenomenal in this book, and I love the way that Warwick has taken the story. It was not at all what I was expecting, but I really enjoyed how Apaay and Numiaks’ relationship has grown into a sort of friendship. I would never have guessed that it would go in that direction. I also really loved the development of the side characters, and there were even a few new characters that we were able to meet in this book that I really liked. I was also very impressed with the representation in this book, which is sometimes rare in fantasy.

The plot, like the first book, is extremely unique. I have never read anything similar, and I have been very impressed with her prose. The world-building is also really great, and I can perfectly picture the snowy and treacherous North that she describes.

I don’t want to give anything away and spoil the books for anyone, but I will say that Overall, these books are definitely worth the read. A very unique premise, and a really fascinating dark fantasy world. I highly recommend!

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