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Snow and Mistletoe – Jen Geigle Johnson

Publication Date: November 26, 2020
Publisher: Kings Row Press
Genre: Holiday Regency Romance
Pages: 130
Dates Read: October 29-November 2, 2020
Format: eARC provided by author

GoodReads Synopsis

Lady Theodosia wants more than one season before she accepts a proposal. Mr. Easton will never ask.

Except Julian must find a wife by Christmas or his brother Edmund will choose one for him.

And Dosie finds she just might need that proposal after all, not only during her first season, but her first ball.

Can they make a marriage between them? A marriage of convenience?

Enjoy a romance full of regency wit and romantic quandries reminiscent of Jane Austen or Georgette Heyer. Get your copy now.

For all fans of our usual Regency House Party series, this book will not be a part of a joint author series. It will now become part of a series of books celebrating the Easton family and their eventual marriages, each surrounding the events of a house party set at Christmas time. Please enjoy the first of these.

My Review


I am typically a huge Jen Geigle Johnson fan, but I had a hard time with this Novella. While I really liked the premise and the characters in this story, I found the rest to be lacking.

First, the title was slightly misleading. While there was a Christmas party, it only occurs extremely briefly in the story and isn’t a central part of the story. This confused me because I had expected the book to revolve around a party since it was in the title.

Second, I found the story to be quite disjointed. It didn’t flow very well, and felt extremely rushed. It felt as if she wrote this story very very quickly and didn’t put as much development into it.

And yes, there were many grammatical errors, but I knew going into it that this would happen because all early review copies have that, so I’m not sure why so many people added that as a negative in their review, when that is such a common thing with ARCs. I thought I’d add this to mine for others reading multiple reviews.

Overall, because of my enjoyment of the characters and the story, I rated it in the middle. I really would have loved a full-length novel that was developed more heavily for this one though, and hope that maybe we will get longer stories for Julians brothers in the future.

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