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A Christmas Promise – Joanna Barker, Annette Lyon and Jennifer Moore

Publication Date: November 17, 2020
Publisher: Mirror Press
Genre: Holiday Regency Romance
Pages: 320
Dates Read: November 3-4, 2020
Format: Paperback provided by author

GoodReads Synopsis

Coming this Christmas: Three Regency Romances by Joanna Barker, Annette Lyon, and Jennifer Moore

Roland Hastings made a promise to his father: to marry and carry on the family line. But after a year of searching, he has given up hope of finding the right woman. Anticipating a quiet Christmas with his mother, Roland is frustrated to learn she has organized an entire house party to help him find a bride. Cassandra Bell arrives for the house party with her twin sister Vivian, who has set her heart on winning a proposal from the eligible Mr. Hastings. But when Vivian grows ill, she begs Cassie to switch places with her and keep the other conniving ladies away from Mr. Hastings. Cassie reluctantly takes on the role of her poised and proper twin, but things become much more complicated when Roland begins to take an interest in the spunky and unconventional Cassie…

PROMISE ME AGAIN by Annette Lyon
Secret wedding plans. A powerful brother who will go to any lengths to stop them. Can love truly conquer all? Miriam and Jacob have loved each other for as long as they can remember. They want to wed, but Jacob’s older brother Norman forbids it. Deciding to do so secretly without his blessing, Miriam and Jacob make plans to marry on Christmas Eve at a church several hours’ journey away. Despite their efforts, Norman’s long reach finds them. Miriam’s love is tested to the very limit when she is forced into a devil’s bargain with him. She agrees only to spare Jacob pain, but can their hearts find their way back to each other no matter what—or who—stands in their way?

The war is over, but Lucy Breckenridge’s plans for a perfect Christmas are ruined when Captain James Stewart brings news that her father will not return in time for the holiday. Determined to not miss yet another Christmas with her father, Lucy starts on a journey for London with her trusty maid and manservant. Learning they have gone, James follows, hoping to stop her before she discovers the true reason for Colonel Breckenridge’s absence. Along the way, the two join in local holiday celebrations and learn that families have flaws, friendship requires trust, and Christmas traditions can be created in the most unexpected places.

My Review


Three very cute Regency stories. I really loved the variety that we got in each story, even if they all tie into the title theme.

Novella 1: The Two Bells of Christmas by Joanna Barker ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
I loved this first novella best. I thought the MC’s were very likable and even though their love story was quick, it progressed in a believable way. I love when the men fall in love with “unconventional” women or the ones their mothers don’t particularly care for. I found myself trying to figure out when Roland figured out the ruse. I also found the play on words in the title very cute.

Novella 2: Promise Me Again by Annette Lyon ⭐️⭐️⭐️
The second story was my least favorite, and I think it just had scenes that seemed too long for a novella. I also felt that the story focused way too much on the villain. However, the love story is believable in that our couple has been falling in love for years before the tale starts, and the action was compelling.

Novella 3: A Christmas Journey by Jennifer Moore ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
This third story feels a little bit insta-love BUT I really liked Lucy. Although she was headstrong and naive, she is also very determined. I liked Lucy’s compassion and selflessness throughout the journey and how she is able to reach out to each person in their little group and make it a special holiday.

Overall, If you are a Regency Fan, and like novellas, I think you will enjoy this collection.

**Special thanks to Joanna Barker and her team for providing me with a paperback copy**

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